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Avoiding Falls

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Risk of Falling is increased by:

  • Conditions that affect balance such as diabetes, heart disease and problems with thyroid, nerves or blood vessels
  • Walking and balance disorders like MS or Parkinson’s
  • Muscle weakness in the legs and feet
  • Foot pain or wearing unsafe footwear
  • Medications such as antidepressants, sedatives, tranquilizers, and hypertensive medications among others
  • Vision problems including depth perception issues
Minimize falls
  • Don’t postpone doctor’s visits, and let them know if you experienced a fall or dizziness
  • declutter your home, remove scatter rugs and clear stairs
  • Participate in physical activities
  • Attend a balance class or Tia Chi
  • Have good lighting and use it
  • Install grab bars in bath and shower
  • Wear supportive, low heeled shoes
On average, people over seventy fall three times per year.

Abstracted from Healthy Times, BlueCrossBlueSheied of MA Fall 2019 by N. Langman 2/2020