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I am the caregiver for my wife who attends the Center two days a week. She is provided with a small breakfast and a substantial, nutritious lunch. More significant, however, is that she is occupied from 9:00- 2:00 with current events discussion, art projects, music and many more activities that stimulate her mentally. My wife has mild dementia and Center activities provide her with the stimulation she needs to engage with staff and other attendees.
The staff is well trained and knows exactly how to bring the best out in Susan. I have attended sessions and have seen this with my own eyes. She loves the staff and talks non-stop about them in the most glowing terms. They truly improve her life. Moreover, her attendance at the Center allows me to tend to household chores and engage in activities I would otherwise be hard-pressed to undertake.Multiplying this experience by the dozens of individuals who attend the Center shows the huge impact it has in the community. I have seen the excitement in my wife when she returns at the end of the day and can't be more supportive of the Center for Living.

Bruce Rosinoff

The MV Center for Living plays a critical role for seniors on Martha's Vineyard living with dementia and other impairments due to aging. My husband who has Alzheimer’s Disease attends the day program; it is a great way for him to engage with others and take part in a variety of activities in a nurturing environment. And, it gives caregivers a much needed break. They also offer a support group for caregivers. Being a full-time caregiver, it is a lifesaver knowing that this support system is available on the island.

Elizabeth Power

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