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“I’m Cold”…a common refrain from elders

Your house temperature is set at 80 degrees … too hot for you but your elder is complaining they are cold!


Elders experience cold due to poor circulation or poor temperature regulation…..or both.  Elders with dementia may have lost the ability to differentiate between hot, warm and cold.

Here are some suggestions:
  • Dress your elder in layers. Undershirt, long sleeve t shirt and anoverhead sweater
  • A scarf around the neck and a hat on the head hold in body heat
  • Fleece lined boots keep feet warm….extremities (hands and feet) tend to get cold first
  • A blanket or fleece jacket warmed in the dryer is comforting
  • Serve cold drinks in insulated cups to keep hands from getting cold
  • Use heating pads with caution as they can burn fragile skin or start a fire
  • Microwave heated packs are nice but can get too hot and cause burns